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I would be a cross between a Dachshund and a Poodle. I am very affectionate, have a sense of humor, and am determined to master a task like a Dachshund and am intelligent and highly trainable like the Poodle. Emily even travels to work with her own loyal companion, Fayah, her yellow lab. What Emily and Fayah love most about working at The Good Dog Spot, is the bonds you form with all the dogs and she looks forward to their greetings every morning!

In other words.. He himself has Pit Mix named Lila. Outside of work Javier enjoys watching his favorite sports teams, the Lakers, Patriots, and Yankees.

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You can meet Javier when you drop your dog off for an overnight! I would be a bulldog because they have a very relaxed demeanor and tend to go with the flow. Jennifer Rueli Jennifer gooddogspot. Her love for dogs and her desire to help them continues to grow. She has assisted in emergency animal rescues and fostered animals in need of healing from tragedy or illness. She also has two cats, Lily and Max. Watching a once shy dog pull their owner through the front door because they are so excited to be here is the best feeling in the world.

Outside of work, she likes to spend time with her family and friends, reading, swimming, taking her dogs camping or hiking, and going to rock concerts. She is currently a new student at ABC College for grooming. Julie joins us after making a career change from 20 years in phlebotomy to finding her passion in grooming. I know I made the right choice changing careers.

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Kaila Snape Kaila. S gooddogspot. Outside of work Kaila loves to spend her time horseback riding and enjoying the outdoors. She previously worked as a kennel attendant for 2 years where she fell in love with the job of caring for animals. Every dog is a little different which makes them each special in their own way! Kathy Jarvis Kathy. J gooddogspot. She enjoys trail riding and camping with her horse and friends, spending time with her pups, reading, and playing in the barn.

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  8. She has the two best horses anyone could ask for, Lucy and Magic. One barn cat, two concure, two parakeets, and 15 hens! Kathy is extremely passionate about grooming and wishes she did not wait so long to start! She loves the amazing staff at The Good Dog Spot who became her second family and all the fur babies she gets to play with daily. You can catch this trio on the bike trail, playing a game of baseball or taking a hike up Mt. She now has her own horse named Moe and a dog named Nala. Australian Cattle dog because I am strong willed, trustworthy, tenacious, and loyal.

    Kristie Harris Kristie. H gooddogspot. Outside of her job she loves to go horseback riding or be working and playing with her own dog and other pets! Her favorite part of working at TGDS is not only being surrounded by dogs all the time; but forming relationships with the dogs, getting to know them, and them getting to know me. She loves hanging out with her friends and being an activist.

    She also was a volunteer at the Forest Park Zoo.

    How The Worst Political State In The Country Ruined The Republican Party's Best Hope

    A German Shep. Labrador mix because they are goofy, smart, and lovely. Lisa Peloquin Lisa gooddogspot. She is a member of the New England Pet Grooming Professionals, and enjoys attending seminars and learning new skills for grooming. She takes pleasure in volunteering her time and efforts to groom Thomas J. She currently has a Cairn-Schnauzer mix named Leon, who can usually be found by her side.

    Lisa also has a horse named Patrick, a bird named Burrito, and lots of fish! She also enjoys going to any of the New England sports team games she can! I would be a Rottweiler because they are loyal, protective, and big mushes!

    Video Scat New HD

    She herself has one dog named Spot, two cats named Milo and Otis, and a bunny named Luna. If I were a dog I think the breed that I would be is a black lab as I am very happy-go-lucky. Favorite Animal: My favorite animal without a doubt would have to be the two-toed sloth. Favorite Movie: My favorite movie is Spirited Away.

    Richard Speight Jr Talks Directing ‘Supernatural’ Season 13 – Variety

    Favorite Food: My favorite food is Mango. Favorite place in Western Mass to hang out: My favorite place to hang out in downtown Northampton. Mike Baffaro Mike gooddogspot. His favorite part about working at The Good Dog Spot is seeing shy and nervous dogs come out of their shell, seeing friendly cats, and finishing his day with a room full of tired dogs.

    Favorite Dog Breed: Silken Windhound, mostly because of the name. Morgan has a great love for animals with several pets of her own: two dogs, Stevie and Skyler, two cats, Lily and Leia, and one horse, Carmen. Morgan is one of our Pet Care Specialist but if she could be anything else at The Good Dog Spot she would be a Kennel Attendant making sure dogs are cared for and enjoying their home away from home! I would be a Rottweiler because they are feisty, loyal and protective of their family and friends, and have attitude. Moriah also has two horses, Pepper and Elvis, a ferret — Sky, and a cat named Roxy.

    Horseback riding is a hobby Moriah also enjoys in her free time. Pitbull because I think I am outgoing and energy but I also can be a couch potato. Rebecca Polverini Rebecca gooddogspot. She loves working at TGDS because she has the chance to interact with other dogs and cats. Rebecca is pet first aid and CPR certified. Outside of work, Rebecca can be found spending time with my husband and two sons, going for long walks with my dogs, cooking and baking, or watching a good movie with a cup of hot tea in my hand and my dogs by my side.

    Sandra loves working with dogs and also living with them! She has four dogs of her own, Mac, Ibex, Suprise, and Galla, and a cat named Picket- which she says somehow puts up with her, her spouse and all the dog siblings! She also enjoys making time for yoga and birdwatching. Maybe a standard poodle because I would be bright and would like run agility courses. Maybe a mini poodle for the same reasons and I would like to snuggle on a lap.

    Maybe a dog like a Labrador Retriever or Golden Retriever with a job helping people. It's an extremely inventive and compelling piece of work. For readers who have ever looked back at their lives and thought, "I wonder what my life would be like if X hadn't happened," Auster has the answer. Guinn's biography of one of the most famous mass murderers in history brings you into the details of Charlie Manson's life. The guy was good friends with the Beach Boys' drummer Dennis Wilson and had big aspirations to not only hide out in the desert while American erupted into another civil war, but also get a recording contract to make him big and famous.

    Guinn's writing left me looking forward to each chapter and got me up to speed on a story Hello, Login. Visit Our Stores. Why Adam Rex, Claire Keane [isbn] Adam Rex — author of the utterly amazing Nothing Rhymes With Orange , among many others — brings us the hilarious, thoughtful, surprisingly poignant story of a curious little girl and a villain who wants to take over the world. Stranger Diaries Elly Griffiths [isbn] Elly Griffiths writes a spooky ghost story and a chilling murder mystery tangled into one creepy novel.

    Ella Minnow Pea A Novel In Letters Mark Dunn [isbn] A series of letters between family members in times when language and alphabet usage is restricted and punishable by banishment. Duckworth the Difficult Child Michael Sussman, Julia Sarda [isbn] When a giant snake comes out of young Duckworth's closet and swallows him whole, his parents refuse to believe it. Changeling Joy Williams [isbn] Strange, haunting, esoteric, unlike anything I've read before or since — Williams is a gem, and Changeling is not to be overlooked.

    Dunce Mary Ruefle [isbn] I came late to Mary Ruefle's poetry, influenced by her many passionate admirers among the Powell's staff. Arias Sharon Olds [isbn] Sharon Olds is one of the most prestigious and critically acclaimed living American poets today, and her latest collection her 15th! The Secret Commonwealth: Book of Dust 2 Philip Pullman [isbn] The Secret Commonwealth continues the adventure and brilliant world-building of The Book of Dust , as a college-age Lyra sets out to learn more about Dust, and a city in the desert said to be haunted by daemons.

    Farmblock Christopher Franceschelli, Peskimo [isbn] Franceschelli and Peskimo are an unstoppable board book superhero team. Medallion Status True Stories from Secret Rooms John Hodgman [isbn] As John Hodgman is recognized as a minor celebrity less and less, he pauses to reflect — as any philosopher-king might — on the anxiety he feels about his frequent flyer program, among other things.

    The Heartbeat of Wounded Knee: Native America from to the Present David Treuer [isbn] The Heartbeat of Wounded Knee is a sweeping account of Native Americans from pre-"who shall not be named" to present day, and a rich counter-narrative to the myth that Natives are a relic of the past.

    The Boots and Bouquets Series

    Grand Union: Stories Zadie Smith [isbn] The first short story collection from master novelist Zadie Smith is an assemblage of brief but potent vignettes, ranging from aimless Spanish resort holidays to uncomfortable Manhattan lingerie shopping, that all offer reflections on identity in changing times.

    Cabin Porn Inside Zach Klein, Freda Moon [isbn] This book is truly a feast for the eyes and fuel for wanderlust as it takes the reader around the world and inside various cabins, treehouses, and one truck hut. The Body: A Guide for Occupants Bill Bryson [isbn] Bill Bryson takes the reader through fascinating facts of the human body the kidneys process over 3 pounds of salt a day!