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However, the plush, plump braided cable and soft, minimally processed wool of this hooded scarf block even the chilliest wind. And yes, that is a pocket just right for your cell phone. Why I Love It: Embellishments truly make a knitting project your own. Whether you prefer tassels or pom-poms or some unholy hybrid thereof???

Plus, the suggested yarn comes in over 60 colorways, so you can express your own style in, well, style! Why I Love It: If you are one of the very few who look cute with a gnome-like pointy hood, good for you. Frolic about in your elfin adorability.

Patterns available as Ravelry Downloads

For the rest of us, thank goodness for Heather Zoppetti! The incredibly well-designed hood on this hooded scarf lends a more sophisticated look. Why I Love It: When we were kids, my little sister had a running away problem. Like a Siberian husky hearing the call of the wild, she would bolt and vanish without a trace. Especially in crowds. My mom eventually started dressing us in matching outfits so she could tell people to look for a smaller version of me. Dress the whole family in matching hooded scarves, and picking missing offspring out of the crowd gets a whole lot easier!

Why I Love It: This scarf has whimsy written all over it, from the deep pockets to the color blocking to the flirty tassel at the top. This youthful pattern features large stretches of garter stitch for quick stitching. The ends of the scarf are long enough that you can style it a variety of ways and those deep pockets are large enough to hold mittened hands, your cell phone, and snacks all at the same time.

Why I Love It: Shell stitches and crochet cables make this an impressive accessory! Although you can use any worsted-weight yarn, I highly recommend trying out the Green Mountain Spinnery Weekend Wool, a woolen-spun yarn that will make those gorgeous cables really pop. Worked in a truly luxurious yarn that comes in a glorious array of colors, this is sure to become a wardrobe staple for windy fall days.

How To Crochet The Love Knot Stitch - aka Solomon's Knot

The summer I turned 18 was the best summer of my life. Spring is finally here - and I want to celebrate by releasing my Anemone cap-sleeve cardigan - toddler through Adult Extra Large size. Anniversary Lace. Happy Anniversary to you! Arendelle Cowl. It starts at the front of the neck and is worked downward with center and side increasing until it can meet in the back of the neck.

The row is then joined and the rest of the cowl is worked downward in connected rows. The edging has several rows of filet, followed by a Shell row Arya's Poncho. Aster Chatelaine. Aster Overlay. Baby Boy Cardi. Baby Boy Cardi uses dc and Star Stitch to create a little masculine cardigan and matching cap. Which is not often found in crocheted baby togs! Baby Cakes. Baby Crossings. Barrow Downs Hat. And here is my Barrow Downs Hat, perfect to wear on those excursions on the chilly Downs.

Belladonna's Lace. The following colors are used:. Beret Presque de Printemps. While waiting for Spring I designed this beret. A fun concoction of stitches and colors, it kept me dreaming of the flowers still to come up in my garden.

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Beyond Speonk. Big Love. Binbole Wood Mitts. Birthday Cake Cardi. Birthday Shawlette.

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I have always known my older sister was better than me in every way. Smarter, prettier, more popular, perhaps… more loved? Growing up I was merely a secondary planet in orbit around her blue-eyed, golden-haired magnificence. She did everything first, better, and with a self-confidence I just never had. She is also a much better knitter than I a Blustery Day. Bromeliad Beret. The Bromeliad Beret is worked using the slipped stitch method of color changing.

Ultimate Guide to Crochet Solomon's Knot | Yarnspirations

Model shown uses 5 colors of worsted weight yarn and is an easy knit for a beautiful winter beret. Buckland Farewell. You may purchase the pattern separately or as a part of the Buckland Boomerangs ebook. Bucklebury Boot Toppers. Bywater Mitts. Caumsett Cowl. This is the first of my group of Long Island Cowls. Caumsett is a park on the Long Island Sound, a beautiful place, and when the weather turns chilly, a cowl is cozy for those walks along the North Shore beaches.

Cedar Point Set. Central Park Carousel. Give it try and see how easy and fun it is to do color work using slip stitches! Picture a long scroll of paper, the end fading out somewhere into eternity; written on it, are my worries. Usually I concentrate on the top 3 things, which vary from day to day.

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Vintage Snood Crochet Patterns

Frequently the Top Worry actually turns out not to be a problem and miraculously disappears, but then the Nex Chanson du Printemps. Chrysanthemum Cardi. Chunky Cable Trio. The pattern works up very quickly, and the cables keep you interested. I loved making it in Plymouth Encore Chunky, but you choose your own favorite Chunky yarn!

Classic Denim. The colors of Lion Brand Jeans yarn were irresistible - and so soft and with a great drape! It makes a great top-down, seamless sweater and earflap cap. Coastal Drift. This side-to-side crocheted shawl was inspired by the geological process of coastal longshore drift — the transportation of sediments along a coast parallel to the shorelines caused by oblique incoming wind. Just as beach sand is moved by the swash and backwash of beach water, the oblique shape of this shawl is created by increasing at the neck Cobble Stitch Blankets.

Love those cozy Cobble Stitches? Instead of just back and forth, how about working in rounds? Coeur d'Artichaut Artichoke Heart. Cora's Pineapple Lace. There are 3 options:. Corner Market. Corner Market is a pattern from the Urban Berets eBook. A cheerful mix of flowers and vegetables make this hat a unique experience - like a trip to the corner market. Cottage Blankets. Cottage Classic with photo tutorial.

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This is the Cottage Classic pattern updated with a photo tutorial of the first several rows. Cottage Cowl. The Cottage Cowl is the first of my Cottage patterns. It works up quickly and makes a nice, snuggly cowl. Width and depth are variable. Cottage Crescent. Cove Neck Cowl. The Cove Neck Cowl is worked across from one spiral end, widening, then becoming narrower, finishing up at the other end. My model was made using DK weight yarn - you could use worsted to make the cowl larger. Crescent Queen. Crickhollow Boot Toppers. Crickhollow Mitts.