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Mortgages Buying a property can be the biggest decision made in our lives. Thomas is an avid long-distance runner and triathlon participant. They have one daughter. Thomas focuses on giving financial advice to women, as she feels women have the least resources to turn to and remain underrepresented in the financial industry.


The book also offers tips on how to find a good financial advisor that is right for your needs and simplifies the entire financial process. Helping you plan your financial future, with total confidence. Subscribe on iTunes.

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In other words, we view money differently; money is more or less important to some of us than others of us; we take different ways toward making it; and we make it for different reasons. In this article we exam the financial pursuits of the four temperaments. Depending on your temperament, your potential demise is a predictable path.

We would recommend, therefore, that you understand these destructive paths, in order to avoid the pitfall of bankruptcy from ever happening in your life.

Depending on your temperament, we have a natural bent toward understanding and approaching money. You are you, for better or for worse, and your natural approach can help you or handicap you. The hidden desires of each of the temperament types.

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