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  2. Exploring Potrero Hill – Updated (For Franklin)
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According to the release, owner Andrew Barnett will use a vintage German Probat UG, and the cafe will feature pastries from Dogpatch baker Neighbor Bakehouse , whole leaf teas from Song Tea, plus matcha from Mizuba.

Loving Cup has closed in Hayes Valley. Beloved frozen yogurt and rice pudding destination Loving Cup has closed in Hayes Valley at Octavia. Never fear: Nearby locations now include one on Divisadero, and Loving Cup is still on the up and up, with new owners La Boulangerie now in charge of the brand , which started in Russian Hill in By choosing I Accept , you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies.

California | San Francisco

Or lose the rights to build? Or does that window kick in only after permits have been issued — which they have not here. This owner has never developed projects into residential only done the leg work on entitlements.

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No partners on the deal, can keep buildings vacant for years. My question was to do with permits issued and timeframes to build once that happens. Permits have not been issued for this project so no timeframe to have it completed in. But I have read of the Planning Commission extending permits when construction has not started and those permits have expired. During the past downturn for instance. Louis, the project has a website and identifies Ronaldo Cianciarulo as the man in charge. A quick internet search reveals he manages maybe 8 to 10 entities that appear to be associated with developments in San Francisco and maybe one in Larkspur.

A worrisome trend. Housing is just too vital a societal interest to be left solely to market forces.


Exploring Potrero Hill – Updated (For Franklin)

People who will bring back support for HUD and Community Development Block Grant to meaningfully support the development of social housing. Because there are not nearly enough resources to do so in SF alone. Housing in America is most certainly NOT based on free market forces. You have an unelected cabal of failed ivory tower academics called the FED manipulating the borrowing rate, and some unconstitutional quasi governmental organizations known as the GSEs that are using taxpayer money to backstop private loans. I just walked by here this morning.

Half of the building has been painted white and the H.

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Buttercup Outlet logo has been painted on the front. They are just as stunned as we are to be the target of these protests. If you have any questions or concerns about the protests, please let us know.

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We are happy to discuss with you. Happy holidays from Potrero Hill Dental! We are back on our feet seeing patients in a temporary office in Post St. We hope to be back in Potrero Hill by early spring Thank you for all your thoughts and support during this rebuilding phase!

We are so sad to share news that on September 21, a fire broke out in the condo unit above our office. Thanks to the quick response by SFFD, no one was hurt and there was no fire damage to the office. However, due to the water damage the office suffered, we will be closed until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and we are doing our best to contact all patients who are currently scheduled to make appropriate changes.

We can be reached via email at hello potrerohilldental. We had a great time at the Potrero Hill Festival last Saturday! There was a great turnout, and meeting all the neighbors makes us very excited to open in January. Thank you! Sometimes in life things happen by chance - and that is exactly how we found our future home. I was looking for a space to build a dental office in the Bay Area for about a year, but when a potential space fell through, I took it as a sign and put my search on hold for a few years to focus on my family.

Since we were a little early for our dinner reservation, we took a detour to look at the space. The office space was gorgeous -- floor-to-ceiling windows with the unique charm and character of a San Francisco building. The minute I stepped out of the car, I knew this was the place I was waiting for. My boss used to tell me that when you find the home of your future office you will just know.

And Nick knew, too. We were going to meet for breakfast the next morning and without hesitation she agreed to go see the office afterwards. The next morning, at am, I called the landlord and left a message. While Jane and I were at breakfast, he called back and told us there was a need for a dentist in Potrero Hill and that he was available to show us the space in 30 minutes.

We scarfed down the rest of our food and hurried over to meet him. I don't remember much from that moment, except that the minute he opened those doors, we couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear. Not only was the space beautiful and perfect for our office, we knew we had found a great partner and advocate in our landlord. He is not the typical landlord - he is a down to earth, friendly guy and his sincerity showed through when he told us his one main requirement was he wanted a tenant who could serve the community.

The building had not changed tenants since , when it was the neighborhood butcher shop, then grocer, then convenient mart. Since there is no dental office in Potrero Hill, we mutually felt it would be the perfect fit.

Now And Then: Presidio - Golden Gate National Recreation Area (U.S. National Park Service)

I think we took the landlord by surprise based on how fast we moved after that. We were determined to make it our future home and got all our ducks in line to make it happen. We have been met with nothing but support from family, friends, and neighbors and we are so excited to be able to say that Potrero Hill Dental will be opening its doors to the community this winter! About Meet the Doctors.