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Gramophile comes from the Gramophone phonograph trademarked in the late 19th century. Discophile dates to The similar audiophile enthusiast of high-fidelity sound reproduction appeared in Like bibliophile "book lover" , cinephile was borrowed directly from French into English.

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What's the difference between a cinephile and a "movie lover"? The distinction is vague, but cinephile - with its classical tone - suggests a scholarly interest.

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Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! Is there one standard way? How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. The awkward case of 'his or her'. Match the pasta with its meaning in Italian.

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Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? Do you know the person or title these quotes describe? Login or Register. Sondland: Not Being 'Braggadocio'. Is It 'Hanger' or 'Hangar'?

The Food Lover’s Guide to Wine: Perfect Pairings

Name that Food Quiz. Or cheese? Definition: one enthusiastic over fire or fireworks About the Word: The prefix pyro- has an ancestor in the Greek pyr meaning "fire".

Definition: a lover of cheese; a cheese fancier About the Word: This term - probably coined by an American radio host in - is far less commonly used than oenophile. Definition: one attracted to foreign things as manners, styles, or food About the Word: The Greek xenos means a stranger or guest; xenophobia "fear of strangers" is more familiar than xenophilia. Definition: one fond of or informed about what is ancient About the Word: Both palaios- and archaios- meant "ancient" in Greek, but while paleontologists study fossils, archaeologists study human artifacts.

Definition: one who approves or favors the German people and their institutions and customs About the Word: Not surprisingly, other countries have their own admirers too: Anglophiles England , Francophiles France , Italophiles Italy , Russophiles Russia , Japanophiles Japan , and Sinophiles China. Definition: cat fancier; lover of cats About the Word: Ancient Egyptians loved cats and honored them by depicting gods and goddesses in feline form for example, the goddess Bastet ; still, the prefix ailur- meaning "cat" crept into English as a gift from the Greeks. Definition: one fond of star lore; an amateur astronomer About the Word: Astr , Latin for "star," turns up in the word disaster , which originally referred to "an unfavorable aspect of a star or planet.

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Definition: collector or connoisseur of phonograph records About the Word: Record lovers have long been coining terms for their passion. Definition: devotee of motion pictures; cineast About the Word: Like bibliophile "book lover" , cinephile was borrowed directly from French into English. Live cooking stalls will be serving a tempting variety of both traditional Maltese and international dishes to tease a wide range of palates.

There are also various cheese and charcuterie platters as well as desserts to try and match to see for yourself how compatible and versatile Delicata wines are with a variety of cuisines. Lower Barrakka Gardens.

It is organised by the Delicata winery in close collaboration with Island Caterers. Breadcrumb Home It would be really good fun to have a few members of the Club travel as well. Upper Barrakka Gardens The way it works is straightforward. Lower Barrakka Gardens Salute!